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Ellen White Versus the Holy Bible

Evidence that Ellen White's writings contradict the Bible


GREAT CONTROVERSY over the Great Controversy Ellen White's book contradicts both the Bible and historical facts!

The INVESTIGATIVE JUDGMENT Ellen White's statements contradict the Bible

Signs of the End? Did a 1755 earthquake, a dark day in 1780, and an 1833 meteor shower fulfill Bible prophecy?

Did Christ enter the Most Holy Place in 1844?

By the Bible's definition of the Testimony of Jesus, is Ellen White really the Spirit of Prophecy?

Bible Omissions Mrs. White alters the meaning of Bible passages by leaving out parts of those passages.

Last Days Persecution

The Plan of Redemption Why was Sister White's vision changed?

Satan's Body

The Seal of God Is it really the Sabbath?

The Millennium On Earth? Or in Heaven?

King Jareb and Nineveh

Was Zoar Destroyed?

Are God's Sabbath Laws "Senseless Restrictions"?

Fleeing Jerusalem on Sabbath Does Matthew 24:20 teach Sabbath observance?

Arian and anti-Trinitarian views of Mrs. White

The Marion Incident A war over Sola Scriptura versus Bible plus Ellen White's writings

"Be Thou Perfect" Ellen White's doctrine of perfectionism

Can Christians be Perfect, Flawless or Without Sin?

Seven More Bible Contradictions

Is the Bible Sufficient for Christians?

Thus Saith Ellen White The rules and regulations added by Ellen White that are not found in the Bible.

The Passion of Ellen White's Christ Additions to the Scriptures in Desire of Ages

Ellen White Contradicts Bible 50+ Times By Pastor Sydney Cleveland and Elder Robert Sanders

A Black and White Choice A contradiction in Desire of Ages

Ellen White and the Frequency of the Lord's Supper Was she a reliable guide for the SDA Church?

Visions or Hallucinations?

Evidence that Ellen White's visions were not accurate


Israel Dammon Incident The arrest and trial of one of Ellen White's closest colleagues portrays the fanaticism raging in the early meetings attended by the prophetess Ellen Harmon

Visions Explained What are the possible causes of Ellen White's "visions"?

Eyewitness Statements made by eyewitnesses who observed Mrs. White in vision

How Did She Know? Who told Ellen White the activities and secret sins of others?

Where Did Mrs. White Get Her Messages From?

Mrs. White's Prophetic Blunders Failed predictions examined

Ellen White's Failed Predictions about People

The Doubters Surprising doubts raised by SDA leaders regarding Sister White's "visions"

The "Saints" are not Seventh-day Adventists

Labor Unions Ellen White's unfulfilled prophecies about labor unions

Physical and Mental Causes for Ellen White's Hallucinations

Physician's review of Ellen White's Head Injury
Extensive, thoroughly researched article by an SDA physician. This is a must-read article for every Adventist.

Visions or Partial-Complex Seizures By Delbert H. Hodder, M.D. Reveals an amazing similarity between Mrs. White's "visions" and a type of seizure known as "psychomotor" or "partial-complex" seizure.

Visions or Partial-Complex Seizures? Abstract presented by Dr. Delbert Hodder and Dr. Gregory Holmes at the 1981 meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.

Mind of Ellen White Psychologist Dr. Janet Numbers and Historian Dr. Ronald Numbers discuss the evidence of psychological problems in Mrs. White's private and public life.

Mercury Poisoning - Reviews the evidence showing Mrs. White may have suffered from mercury poisoning.

Mrs. White's medical condition by D.M. Canright. Includes surprising statements from Mrs. White herself, a statement from an SDA physician familiar with her case, and plenty of medical documentation.

Ellen White's medical condition by Walter Rea in The White Lie.

M.G. Kellogg, M.D., Statement on Mrs. White's Health Statement by an SDA physician.

The Ailing Health Instructor Can you trust a health instructor who was often ill, and did not even follow her own instructions? The sickening truth about Ellen White's health.

Medical problems Mrs. White possibly suffered from.....Hysteria.....Catalepsy.....Epilepsy

Specific Visions Examined in Depth

Civil War Predictions

The Salmananca Vision - An in-depth scholarly study of the source documents, circumstances and events surrounding the Salmananca vision.

The Avondale Furrow Tale

Sword of Fire Hung over Battle Creek

Similar Manifestations in other "prophets"

Other Visionaries - A fascinating study into the numerous visionists who claimed to have had visions during Ellen White's era.

Kindred Prophetess - Amazing similarities between the prophetesses Ellen G. White and Maria B. Woodworth-Etter.

Shocking, Embarrassing Statements

Unbelievably, Adventists defend this nonsense as "inspired"!


Amalgamation In 1864, Ellen White said "certain races of men" are a result of the "amalgamation of man and beast." In 1868, an SDA Church leader identified which races they considered to be products of amalgamation between man and animal. Now you can see the shocking truth for yourself!

Those Tall People of Jupiter In her infamous "solar system" vision Mrs. White saw Jupiter as having only four moons and inhabited by "a tall, majestic people, so unlike the inhabitants of earth."

"Self Indulgence" Does it really cause blindness, insanity, and death? Warning: Mature Subject Matter

Are acquired physical characteristics passed genetically to children?

Hysterical Historical Blunders We were always told Mrs. White saw these Biblical events in vision. Why then are there so many historical blunders in her writings?

A Christmas Trees in every SDA Church Does this really please God?

Ellen White's Bold Claims about Herself

Do God's Prophets Take Advice from the Dead?

Forbidding Marriage

The Orion Stargate Explores Mrs. White's connection to occult teachings.

The White Obelisk Why is there a huge pagan symbol on the Whites' grave?

Quotes about the Negro Race

Science Contradicts Ellen White

Outrageous, embarrassing statements submitted by visitors to Elder Anderson's web site

Top Myths

Myths and Legends about Ellen White abound


Profit or Prophet? Examine the financial status of the whites.

Received Great Controversy from a Vision? Or did it come from the writings of others?

Only a Third Grade Education?

Ahead of Her Time? Were Mrs. White's health teachings really ahead of her time?

Woman in Shock and Awe, copyright Inmagine, www.inmagine.com"You Should See Their Faces!" Did she really carry a hefty Bible in vision?

Knew More than Bible Translators? Did Mrs. White know more about the original Bible text than those who translated the KJV Bible?

Wrote Steps to Christ? Who really wrote this book?

A Nobel Prize for Mrs. White? Does Mrs. White really deserve a Nobel Prize for identifying the cause of cancer?

Electrical Current in Nerves Was Mrs. White's health knowledge really years ahead of science?

Patriarchs and Prophets - Does it contains secret Jewish knowledge?

Predicted the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake?

Predicted the 2001 World Trade Center fires in New York?

Shut Door Debacle

Evidence Mrs. White taught a false doctrine from her visions


A brief overview of the shut door doctrine.

Shut Door Chronology of events from 1844 to 1851 showing the rise and fall of the doctrine.

Ellen G. White's Writings NOT a Direct Revelation From God W.W. Fletcher presents overwhelming evidence showing Ellen White taught a shut door from her visions

The Shut Door Doctrine - An in-depth analysis

Why did James White expunge part of a prophet's writings?

Early Visions Suppressed - How Mrs. White's early visions were suppressed. Written in 1866 by two Adventist ministers.

The Secret Letter - Suppressed letter unveils Mrs. White's belief in the Shut Door

The Shut Door, Or Probation For Sinners Ended Oct. 22, 1844 by D.M. Canright

Go Shut the Door by Walter Rea

 Words of the Pioneers

Writings of Ellen White, 1846-1850 (parts of which were later suppressed), James White, 1847-1850, Testimonies from other Adventists, Joseph Bates, 1847-1849, Gilbert Cranmer, 1858, and Elder Isaac Wellcome (baptized by James White in 1845).

Health Visions Examined

Falsehoods in Ellen White's Health Teachings


Modern Medicine Proves White Wrong - Why was Mrs. White wrong about some health reforms?

Health Dangers of Self Abuse These absurd "testimonies" contradict both science and common sense. (Adults Only)

Phrenology - Details Mrs. White's involvement in phrenology

Mad Cows, Mad Prophet - Another failed prediction

Beware this Cult! Dr. Gregory Hunt exposes the errors of Mrs. White's health teachings.

Confusing Statements

A collection of Mrs. White's bizarre and confusing statements


Confusion on the Sealing In 1849, Ellen White saw that the sealing was in progress. However, 62 years later, she tells the world the sealing time is yet future.

Confusion on the Plan of Redemption Why did Christ and the Father meet after the fall? Why was Mrs. White's original "vision" revised?

Confusion on the Daily Why did Mrs. White's Daily "vision" nearly split the denomination in the early 1900s?

A Straight Line of Truth? An examination of Mrs. White's frequently changing explanations of the Resurrection.

Holy Confusion! Where is Jesus? Holy Place? Most Holy Place? Why does He keep moving?

Confusion about Slavery

The Sabbath Confusion Why did Mrs. White teach the Sabbath commenced at 6 p.m. for 9 years?

Confusion over Bible Prophecy Ellen White's contradictory and confusing statements on Bible prophecy.


Evidence Mrs. White copied her "inspired" writings from others


Questionable Sources Plagiarism from the Apocrypha, the fictional Book of Jasher, and John Milton's novel Paradise Lost.

How the SDA 'Spirit of Prophecy' was Born Even Sister White's "I was shown" and "I saw" statements were copied from others! By Walter Rea.

The Making of a Prophet Walter Rea shows how Ellen White turned FICTION into "truth."

Is Mrs. E.G. White a Plagiarist? Interesting article published in an 1889 newspaper exposes her plagiarism and shows the cover-up and damage-control efforts were already underway back in the 1880s.

Ellen White's Habit Douglas Hackleman traces Mrs. White's life-long habit of acquiring the ideas and words of others and making them her own.

E.G. White Estate Admits Mrs. White's Borrowing Transcript of a presentation delivered by Ron Graybill, associate secretary of the White Estate, to the General Conference in 1981.

The Paraphrasing Prophet Walter Rea reveals the entire Conflict of the Ages series was paraphrased from other authors, despite James, Ellen and Arthur White's claims of divine inspiration for her writings.

Plagiarism Denounced An article in the Youth Instructor denounces plagiarism.

Kindred Prophets Striking similarities between prophets Joseph Smith and Ellen White.

The Mystery of Enoch Did Ellen White's teachings on Enoch come from God or Joseph Smith?

Walter Rea shows Patriarchs and Prophets copied from Edersheim's Bible History: Old Testament

Desire of Ages Research Project Review the findings of SDA researcher Dr. Fred Veltman of Pacific Union College who spent 8 years studying the plagiarism in the Desire of Ages.

Walter Rea shows the Desire of Ages copied from William Hanna's Life of Christ, John Harris' The Great Teacher, etc.

Walter Rea reveals The Great Controversy copied from Life Incidents, and other works

The Prophet William Foy - Mrs. White acquires material for her early visions from Foy

Life of Paul Plagiarism The most blatant example of Mrs. White's copying.

Plagiarism of Millerite Material Examples of quotes copied from Millerite authors.

A Great Plagiarist by D.M. Canright

Was it God? Or Dr. Jackson? What role did Dr. Jackson and the Dansville Health clinic play in Ellen White's health reform visions?

Pre-Ellen White Health Reformers Many of the health reforms Mrs. White claimed to have received in visions were actually being taught by other health reformers prior to her.

Plagiarism of Health Testimonies Sources Mrs. White used in her writings on health.

The Story of Fannie Bolton, ghost-writer of Steps to Christ

The Story of Marian Davis, ghost-writer of Desire of Ages

The Great Theft Evidence uncoverd in 2008 shows Mrs. White copied the writings of John Harris extensively in her inspired books, artilces, and letters.

Paradise Lost's Themes Found in Ellen White's Writings Evidence Ellen White incorporated the themes, ideas, and concepts of John Milton's fictional book into her inspired writings.

Revisions, Changes, Abridgements Shows Ellen White's words were changed and altered by SDA Church leaders.

Ellen White's Plagiarism of C.E. Stowe

1844 / 2300 Days

Investigating 1844 and the 2300-day prophecy


Did God Plan the 1844 Movement? - Examine the evidence God was not behind the 1844 movement.

Was the 1844 movement the First and Second angels' message of Rev. 14? Was it really all it has been made out to be?

Is it Wrong to be Right? The fascinating absence of reason and logic in the 1844 Movement.

Newspaper accounts of the aftermath of the 1844 Disappointment.

Millerite Insanity Did the 1844 Movement cause some Millerites to go insane? By Ronald Numbers, Ph.D.

William Miller - A great Protestant reformer?

Daniel 8:14 - SDA Dilemma

1844 - Is It Prophetic? An Adventist scholar investigates Daniel 8:14

Was Mrs. White Wrong about Daniel 8:14?

A Question about Daniel 8:14

SDA Sanctuary Teachings

When did Christ enter the Most Holy Place? Was the Day of Atonement in 1844? Or at Christ's ascension?

Hebrews and the Day of Atonement

SDA Sanctuary Teaching Examined Exposes the errors and Bible contradictions in Ellen White's sanctuary doctrine.

The SDA Test Fifteen difficulties with the SDA Sanctuary Doctrine.

The Sanctuary Doctrine - Asset or Liability? Dr. Raymond Cottrell

SDA Position on the Sanctuary The original article written by O.R.L. Crosier in 1846.

2300-day Prophecy of Daniel 8

2300-day Dilemma - Serious problems with the SDA interpretation of the 2300-day prophecy

What really happened in 1844? David Hill unravels the complicated web of dates used by Adventists to arrive at the 1844 date

2300-day Assumptions - Proves the Day of Atonement did not happen on Oct. 22, 1844, as Mrs. White claimed

The 2300-day Foundation - Shows the 2300 days could not have started in 457 BC as claimed by Ellen White

70-week Prophecy of Daniel 9

Ellen White's Unquestionable 70-Week Timeline - Exposes problems with the SDA prophetic timeline

The Investigative Judgment

E.J. Waggoner on the Investigative Judgment The 1888 Messenger writes about 1844

The Investigative Judgment Mrs. White versus the Holy Bible

Kapher versus Judgment Mrs. White and the Investigative Judgment examined by a former SDA pastor

Historical Sketches

The A.F. Ballenger Account SDA minister A.F. Ballenger cannot find Biblical support for the SDA doctrine of the sanctuary.

Contradictory Statements

A collection of Mrs. White's contradictory commands


Oysters and Herrings Did Mrs. White practice what she preached on Health Reform?

Mrs. White Decked in Jewelry? Photographs of Mrs. White wearing jewelry!

Ellen White's Secret Swill Proof Ellen White was addicted to alcohol.

Uncle Tom and Sister Ellen Mrs. White prohibited Adventists from reading any fiction whatsoever, but new evidence shows she not only read fiction herself, but copied it into her books!


Idolatry of Photography

The Health Reform Institute Mrs. White repudiates one of her own testimonies.

The Proper Prayer Position What is it? Kneeling? Standing?

The Reform Dress A reform? Or fanaticism? Read the confusing, contradictory testimonies.

Was Jacob Silent? Or did he talk while he wrestled?

Hypocrisy in the Rocky Mountains


A Question of Integrity Can we trust Ellen White?

Crushing the Opposition How Ellen White treated those who rejected her

Contradictory Statements submitted by visitors to Elder Anderson's web site